Amex Send & Split Combines Paypal and Venmo Within the Amex App

Just in time for the holiday season, American Express is launching Amex Send & Split which is compatible with both Paypal and Venmo. During a time when almost everything is virtual due to COVID-19, cashless transactions have completely taken over. Although services like Paypal and Venmo have already become popular, American Express now takes a stake in both of them, making things much easier for cardholders.

Amex Send & Split makes it easier to split the price of a gift, a restaurant bill, or anything else you can think of. It offers the functionality of Venmo and Paypal but within the convenience of the Amex mobile app. Not to mention, with the Amex app, users won’t be charged a fee as they normally would with Venmo and Paypal.

Services like Venmo, Paypal, and now Amex Send & Split are the most sanitary way to split bills and transfer money. There’s no need to handle cash, send checks, or ask the waiter to split the bill anymore.

How To Send Money

After first enrolling in Send & Split, you can then add funds to your account using an Amex card. From there, you can send money to any other PayPal or Venmo customer.

How To Split Purchases

A never-before-seen feature, the split feature, allows you to open up the Amex app and request any of your pending or posted purchases to split. You can either split the purchase evenly or choose specific portions. Within the app, you can track who hasn’t settled up, and you even have the choice to get reimbursed. Reimbursements come in the form of a statement credit directly to your account.

What’s the best part of using Amex Send & Split? You will still earn all the rewards for making the purchase. So, you won’t be losing out on any valuable points!

amex send & split

Learn more about Amex Send & Split on the American Express website.



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