For the last ten years, we have traveled all over the world, stayed in the most exquisite rooms in the best hotels, and flew first class on most of our flights. When our friends ask how much these exceptional trips cost, we tell them “POINTS.” They say, “how can you accumulate so many points?” There are two ways for “POINTS” to happen. The first option is to spend a considerable amount of money; the second option is to accumulate points through credit cards, traveling, hotel stays, and shopping. This website will give you an overview of how you too can become a pointster, live the life you never knew you could afford, and do so in a simple manner by following our methods.

Marcy Ferruggia

Marcy is the founder and creative vision behind Pointster. She graduated with her BA in Business from the University of South Florida and achieved her MBA at Monmouth University. Above all, Marcy’s passion is for traveling the world, ultimately serving as the foundation of this very company.

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Brittany Silvester

Brittany is the web developer, marketing agent and editor of our Pointster site. She is a second year student at the University of Florida, studying Aerospace Engineering with a minor in Spanish.

Nicole Ferruggia

Nicole serves as the photo editor and creative consultant for Pointster. She currently attends the University of Miami as a sophomore, where she is majoring in Business Entrepreneurship and double minoring in Marketing and Real Estate.

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Karly Trimble

Karly is currently a junior at the University of Mississippi, where she is majoring in news-editorial journalism, specializing in public relations, and minoring in professional writing. Karly serves as Pointster’s travel blogging writer and editorial content director.

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