United Airlines Responds To Coronavirus Outbreak

In response to the coronavirus outbreak, United Airlines along with many others have made temporary adjustments to their policy. This includes suspending services to various destinations, as well as waiving change fees in some cases. Continue reading to learn the latest details of these changes.

United has announced they will suspend all operations between the U.S. and Beijing, Chengdu, Hong Kong and Shanghai through the end of April. In addition, the airline has suspended ticket sales for MileagePlus Award travel and flights originating in China or Iran on their partner airlines. This will also go through April 30th.

Furthermore, United has suspended some service to Tokyo Narita, Osaka, Singapore, and Seoul. These suspensions will hopefully help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The airline plans to keep in close contact with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as well as additional health organizations. By being alert and proactive about the situation, they will continue to modify and evaluate their schedule as needed.

United’s website states, “By Presidential Proclamation, travel restrictions are in place for travelers who have visited the People’s Republic of China or the Islamic Republic of Iran in the past 14 days. Customers who are U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents will be subject to additional restrictions and health screenings on arrival to the United States. Non-U.S. citizens who have visited mainland China or Iran in the past 14 days will not be allowed to enter the United States.”

Change fees will be waived and refunds will be given for travel to or from select cities. Customers can review specifics on their website. Keep an eye on United’s international travel updates if you plan to leave or enter the U.S. anytime soon. By adopting these temporary policies, United hopes to keep their customers satisfied by remaining flexible. Although the coronavirus outbreak is surely causing stress to travelers, it’s great to see the needs of customers being adequately addressed.


Written by Ashley Ferraro

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