United Airlines Introduces Premium Plus Seating

United Airlines introduced a new feature, Premium Plus seating, in March 2019. After almost two months of getting used to it, United flyers say the seats make for a “comfy ride” and pleasurable traveling experience.

But, before we get into testimonials, let’s outline what Premium Plus seating actually is. Premium Plus is United’s premium economy seat, which is available on select international flights. The Premium Plus seats are known as ‘a step up from traditional economy seating.’

Premium Plus seats are two inches larger than what is offered in the regular Economy Class, and the seats also have foot rests and larger entertainment screens.

To put into perspective how these seats rank on a regular flight, Economy is in the back of the plane and Economy Plus with extra legroom is just in front of that. In front of Economy Plus is Premium Plus, and Polaris Business class is at the very front of the plane.

Aside from what’s offered in terms of sizes and in-seat entertainment, Premium Plus passengers will have an enhanced travel experience from the get-go. Passengers who choose to purchase Premium Plus seats will be able to check two bags for free, though they will not have access to United’s Polaris lounges.

Passengers will also fly more lavishly with Premium Plus when it comes to relaxation and dining. With access to a few of the amenities from Polaris Business Class seats, such as a Saks Fifth Avenue blanket and pillow, unlimited beverages, and actual plates and silverware, Premium Plus passengers are getting more for their money.

When looking at costs, Premium Plus seats can be paid for with mileage points, while Polaris Business seats can be paid for with a combination of miles and money. Here at The Pointster, we think the Premium Plus seats will be worth the miles.

Tim Jue, a San Fransisco Chronicles writer, spent 25 hours in a Premium Plus seat while flying to New Zealand from San Fransisco. In his March 2019 article, which talks about the Premium Plus seats, Jue describes his experience as “a comfy ride.”

“The additional personal space, greater recline, and quieter cabin allowed me to get hours of comfortable, uninterrupted sleep that I typically struggle with when in economy class,” Jue said.

Based on Jue’s testimonial,  United Airlines Premium Plus seating is definitely something we will be recommending for our Pointsters to try out.

Happy flying, Pointsters!

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Written by Karly Trimble Photo Courtesy of United Airlines


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