The Most Instagrammable Spots in Lake Louise, Alberta

This post contains affiliate links, meaning we may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. All opinions on products and services are our own. | Written by Ashley Ferraro | Photos by Stanley Aryanto (The Wicked Hunt)

Staying at the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise in January made for some amazing memories as well as photos. Finding the most Instagrammable spots in Lake Louise, Alberta was just part of the fun. Since we got the chance to visit during the winter, we saw the winter wonderland that the lake transforms into. Allow these guide to show you the most Insta-worthy spots in all of Lake Louise and the surrounding area.

Sleigh Ride

A sleigh ride around Lake Louise makes for a great adventure, and an even better Instagram spot. Either before or after you take off on your ride, you can snap a photo with the beautiful horses who do all the work! Don’t worry, they’re super friendly and love to take photos.

sleigh ride lake louise

sleigh ride horse

Ice Castle

The ice castle sits right at the entrance to the ice skating area on Lake Louise. Each winter, this ice castle is formed to create a beautiful photo op. It features a door as well as multiple windows, making it interactive for adults and kids alike. Plus, you can’t beat the views in the background.

lake louise ice sculpture

lake louise ice castle

ice castle lake louise

Ice Sculptures

Every January, Lake Louise becomes home to the famous Ice Magic Festival. The event draws 24 ice carvers from around the world, and allows them 48 hours to create their masterpiece. And wow, what masterpieces they truly are. With a pretty large assortment of sculptures to photograph, you can’t go wrong with this Instagrammable spot at Lake Louise. You’ll get amazing shots during the day, but even better shots at night when the sculptures are lit up.

ice sculptures lake louise

ice sculptures lake louise

The Bridge

This little pedestrian bridge crosses over Louise Creek, the creek that drains the lake. However, it does more than just connect two piece of land. This adorable little bridge makes an unbeatable photo spot. The way the snow piles up on it during the winter looks like an image straight out of a painting.

lake louise bridge

Lakeview Lounge Window

One of the most Instagrammable spots at Lake Louise can only be taken from inside the Fairmont. This famous window located inside of hotel’s Lakeview Lounge restaurant provides a stunning view of the lake and surrounding mountains. You’ll be lucky if you can get a photo here, and even luckier if you’re able to enjoy a meal with this view!

lakeview lounge fairmont chateau lake louise

Boat House

Obviously, this boathouse isn’t being put to much use in the winter. However, it does make for a great photo op! With the snow-covered trees and mountain peaks in the backdrop, this picture is too good to be true.

lake louise boat house

Ice Bar

The ice bar at the Fairmont is one of the coolest spots on the lake to hang out! Not to mention, it makes a stellar photo spot as well. Warm up with a hot beverage at the ice bar, and get your Instagram shot while you’re at it. Stock up on air activated hand, toe, and body warmers if you want magnify the warmth, you’ll thank yourself later.

fairmont ice bar

Ice Skating

During the wintertime, the frozen lakes in the area make for a great activity. After all, not everyone can say they’ve skated on a frozen lake. Ice skating on Lake Louise or any of the frozen lakes nearby makes for a great action shot!

ice skating

Frozen Waterfall

Located on the other side of Lake Louise is this magnificent frozen waterfall. Although it is a bit of a walk to reach, it’s worth the hike. It’s hard to imagine how beautiful this spot must be during the summer, too! You’ll want to invest in a good pair of ice cleats to keep you from slipping while you walk.

This photo of Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise is courtesy of Tripadvisor

Dog Sledding

Whether you’ve tried dog sledding in the past or not, you can’t pass it up while you’re at Lake Louise. The dog sled tours in the area give you a spectacular view of Lake Louise, while giving you the ride of your life! Plus, the dogs make it all worth it. You’ll have plenty of time to pet them and take photos with them throughout the journey. They’re all so beautiful and unique, it’s like they were born to be Instagram stars!

dog sledding

dog sledding

Abraham Lake

Located in the Canadian Rockies, Abraham Lake is a must-see spot if you’re in the area. Although it’s a bit of a drive from Lake Louise, it’s definitely needs to be mentioned as an Instagram-worthy spot. The bubbles that are visible from surface the of the lake are created when methane gas freezes along with the water. It creates this spectacular phenomenon that you can’t miss in your Insta shot! Plus, the scenery surrounding the lake is just picture perfect. Check out Europcar for vehicle rentals, since you’ll need a car to get here.

abraham lake abraham lake abraham lake

Johnston Canyon

Johnston Canyon is less than an hour drive from Lake Louise, and it’s a journey worth making. The hiking trail leading up to the waterfalls is just as breathtaking as the destination. You can get great shots at the lower falls, or proceed to the upper falls if you’re really up for the challenge. We stopped at the lower falls for this amazing Instagrammable shot. The best thing we could’ve done for ourselves is bring along my favorite portable charger. Having this handy device prevented our phones from dying while we were busy using them for photos.

Johnston Canyon

This post contains affiliate links, meaning we may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. All opinions on products and services are our own. | Written by Ashley Ferraro | Photos by Stanley Aryanto (The Wicked Hunt)


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