Southwest Airlines Adds Miami + Palm Springs Routes

This coming winter, Southwest Airlines is planning to add both Miami (MIA) and Palm Springs (PSP) to its route map. By adding two of the most popular sunny destinations in the U.S., the airline is aiming to give leisure travelers more options during the pandemic.
southwest airlines new routes
These changes are clearly a reflection of the COVID-19 pandemic’s devastating effects on the commercial airline industry. Since March, our favorite airlines have been making monumental changes to policies and routes. For example, Southwest has begun to allow loyalty members to convert flight vouchers to points. Not to mention, domestic flight prices have decreased dramatically.This year has already seen the addition of popular ski destination Steamboat Springs, Colorado (HDN) to Southwest’s routes. It’s no secret that there’s a trend going on. All three of these new destinations are to cities that are outdoors-oriented. Whether it’s beaches or mountains, Southwest recognizes that the market is shifting due to COVID-19. People don’t want to be crammed into busy cities, they want to be isolated in beautiful natural environments.

In California, Palm Springs is the only large airport unoccupied by Southwest Airlines. Not too long ago, the airline took over 17 former JetBlue Airways slots in Long Beach (LGB). Now, with service to both airports, Southwest could soon dominate the Southern California region.

Travelers should expect to see these new routes reflected on Southwest’s website by the end of the year. The airline will officially be serving 92 U.S. destinations once these new routes are implemented.


Written by Ashley Ferraro

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