How To Get United Silver Elite Status As A Marriott Titanium & Ambassador Elite Member

Written by Ashley Ferraro

If you’ve gained Marriott’s Bonvoy’s elite Titanium or Ambassador status, you might believe you are well aware of all the perks it entails. But did you know a major advantage is being eligible for United Silver elite status? Even if you are already loyal to an airline, there is nothing to lose here. I mean, you’ve probably dedicated lots of time and money toward this status achievement, so why not reap all the benefits?

Sometimes, not everything is in plain site when it comes to these loyalty programs. It’s up to you (or us!) to make sure you know what you can get out of your status. Let’s take a look at how Titanium and Ambassador status makes you automatically eligible for United Silver elite status.

The RewardsPlus Program

Although this benefit is listed on Marriott’s website, it can be hard to catch. This benefit falls within the RewardsPlus program offered by both Marriott and United Airline’s loyalty programs. With this program in place, those with United Premier Gold status or higher are granted complimentary Marriott Gold Elite Status. On the other hand, those with Marriott Bonvoy Titanium or Ambassador Elite status will receive Premier Silver status with United’s MileagePlus program.

If you qualify on Marriott’s end of it, all you have to do is join the RewardsPlus joint rewards program to claim your Silver status with United. Normally, regular members would have to rack up 12 PQF (premier qualifying flights) and 4,000 PQP (premier qualifying points) or 5,000 PQP.

Gaining Silver status with MileagePlus is a highly sought-after achievement. Although this level is only the first elite tier, the benefits are exceptional. Members receive access to complimentary Economy Plus seats at check-in, complimentary upgrades, one free checked bag up to 70 pounds, priority boarding and seven times miles earned on flights. The benefits of joining RewardsPlus and achieving United’s Silver status are better outlines below.

rewards plus

How To Join RewardsPlus

You can join the program by clicking “Join RewardsPlus” on their website. From there, you’ll need to login to your account with Marriott Bonvoy. Once you’re in, you will need to enter your MileagePlus number in order to link the two accounts. If you don’t already have a general membership with MileagePlus, you can easily enroll for one one United’s website. From there, the creation of your RewardsPlus account will be completed. You will be prompted with a message detailing that your Silver status with United will come into effect in 7-10 days, so plan accordingly if you’re traveling soon.




Written by Ashley Ferraro

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