Hotel Of The Month: Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise

Written by Ashley Ferraro Photos by STANLEY ARYANTO (The Wicked Hunt)

An Alberta staple any time of the year, the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise is famous for its pleasant hospitality and breathtaking views. Our team had the pleasure of recently visiting the hotel, and we’re excited to share our experience. Since our visit took place in January, we were able to witness what some call the “winter wonderland” at Lake Louise. Surrounded by snow covered trees and a massive frozen lake, a trip to the Fairmont is nothing short of a fairytale.

lake louise

With a total of 539 luxury rooms and suites, our two bedroom suite provided an astonishing view of Lake Louise and Victoria Glacier. Our newly renovated suite featured an electric fireplace, a comfortable living and dining space, and luxurious decor. Although the common area afforded the best view of the properties, both bedrooms also provided stunning views. Referred to as the “Fairmont Gold Two Bedroom Lakeview Suite”, I’d recommend this option for families. However, the hotel offers a variety of smaller suites that would be better suited for couples.

Ice skating on a frozen lake is not something that everyone can say they’ve done. The Fairmont allocates a space on Lake Louise for both guests and visitors to ice skate on. The ice is regularly groomed throughout the day, so it’s fairly easy to maneuver across. Adjacent to the main skating area, there’s a separate part of the lake where guests can play hockey. We had a blast skating on the ice during the day, but we also decided to go for a nighttime skate under the stars. With a rental shop on site, we didn’t need to worry about traveling with any equipment.

Although the hotel features quite a few bars on the property, the ice bar definitely takes the cake. Constructed completely of ice, the Fairmont’s ice bar is notable for serving hot alcoholic beverages. The inside of the bar also features multiple heaters, so you don’t have to rely solely on your drink and body heat for warmth.

fairmont lake louise ice bar

The ice sculptures by the lake are probably what draw the most attention to this destination during the winter. Dozens of statues created by artists from around the world are scattered across the property. If it wasn’t so cold, you could probably spend hours appreciating and photographing these amazing pieces of work. We found ourselves outside daily strolling through the garden of ice sculptures. For some reason, it felt like we just couldn’t get enough photos of them either!

fairmont ice sculptures fairmont ice sculptures

We also spent a lot of time by the fire pit to warm up while gazing out at the lake. It’s the perfect spot to wind down at the end of a long day. One night we even made s’mores by the fire to embrace the fun of this winter wonderland.

fairmont s'mores

Depending on how active you want to be, there’s plenty of things to do right at Lake Louise. If you choose to hike the lake, many visitors like to check out the frozen waterfall on the other side of it. There is also the option to go dog sledding and skiing or snowboarding nearby. No matter what type of adventure you’re seeking, there’s something at Lake Louise that will satisfy your craving.

dog sledding

Visitors may also consider seeing Lake Louise aboard a sleigh ride. Two majestic horses will guide you as you get cozy in their sleigh. The ride will provide some of the most picturesque views of the lake, including those sought-after frozen falls at the back. Plus, the horses are adorable and friendly as ever.

fairmont horses

The dining options at the Fairmont are absolutely phenomenal. We had the chance to check out all five of the restaurants onsite. The Fairview Bar & Restaurant serves delightful drinks, appetizers and entrees. Plus, the menu isn’t like anything you’ve seen before. You’ll be served Canadian delicacies like bison, duck and elk. I could go on and on about the meal I had: a juicy beef tenderloin paired with a hollowed out carrot on a bed of a creamy potato purée. For dessert, the “Avalanche” was composed of yogurt mousse, blueberries, and caramelized hazelnut.

There are also tons of breakfast options at the hotel. If you order room service, you can enjoy your morning meal from the privacy of your own balcony. Nothing beats starting your day with a view like this.

The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise is one of those destinations that we can hardly believe is real. You have to do a double take every time you pass by a window (no wonder there’s so many of them!). It’s fairly easy to snatch a window seat while you enjoy a drink or a meal, and it’s beyond worth it. Plus, eating at a window makes for an unforgettable photo op as well.

fairmont chateau lake louise

Lake Louise is tucked into the Canadian Rockies, offering a great way to disconnect for a while. It’s roughly a two hour drive from Calgary International Airport. Your best bet is renting a car for the duration of your stay, especially if you choose to spend some time venturing beyond Lake Louise. Plus, you’ll get some amazing views of the mountains on your way in. When arriving on the property, guests have the option of valeting or self-parking their vehicle. The bell desk was more than helpful during our stay.

We took some time to explore the area surrounding the hotel. Another famous lake in the region, Lake Abraham is a fun spot to ice skate and get photos. The methane gas in the lake freezes with the water, causing these neat frozen bubbles to form.

abraham lake

Above all, there’s one key aspect that made the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise stand out to us. The hotel’s friendly staff truly prioritized our comfort during our stay. The concierge desk was always happy to provide us with whatever we needed, whether it be driving directions or suggestions for Instagrammable spots nearby. Fairmont has left us with very high expectations when it comes to hospitality. As spectacular as the property is during the winter, we’d love to come back again and see it in it’s summer glory!

Written by Ashley Ferraro Photos by STANLEY ARYANTO (The Wicked Hunt)


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