Frontier Airlines First To Screen Passenger Temperatures

With COVID-19 disrupting travel plans and changing airline policies, it’s not surprising that one airline has decided to take passengers’ temperatures. Put into effect on June 1st, Frontier will be screening passengers for a fever before they board their plane. The new policy put forth by the low cost carrier will make it the first airline to do so.

In order to screen passengers, temperatures will be taken using a contactless thermometer. If a passenger registers a temperature at 100.4 or higher, they will be taken aside. Having a fever is grounds to be denied boarding in effort to precent the spread of COVID-19. From there, the passenger will be given the opportunity to rebook at a later date, or given a travel credit or refund.

The temperature screening requirements will extend to crew members as well. Any crew member registering a fever at the start of their shift will not be permitted to work.

Although some airlines have required passengers to self monitor their temperature and symptoms, Frontier is taking it into their own hands. Requiring face masks, aircraft sanitation, and personnel highly trained to handle illness and infections, are a few of the other steps Frontier Airlines is taking to ensure health and safety on board.

Some passengers may not agree with the idea of mandatory temperature screenings. However, it may prove to be more effective than self monitoring.

“The health and safety of everyone flying Frontier is paramount and temperature screenings add an additional layer of protection for everyone onboard,” Frontier Airlines CEO Barry Biffle remarked in a statement.

How would you feel about being required to have your temperature taken before your flight? If you are planning to travel with Frontier in the near future, be prepared for the screening. Perhaps other airline will follow suit with the airline’s initiative.


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