Earn MileagePlus Miles From Home By Shopping With The Button

Although you’re quarantined at home without the opportunity to travel, that doesn’t mean you can’t earn miles. Through the MileagePlus program, you’ll be able to conveniently rack up miles with United from the comfort of your own home. The only thing you need is your laptop and your desire to shop!

That’s right, shopping online can earn you miles just as easy as traveling can. With a new feature from United called “the button”, you’ll be able to earn miles and apply coupons to your purchases without taking any extra steps. Officially called the MileagePlus Shopping Button, this feature can be installed directly to Google Chrome.

Start off by visiting United’s MileagePlus Shopping website. Here, you will be prompted with the option to “get the button”.


You will then be directed to the chrome web store, where you’ll need to click “add to chrome” in order to install the button to your browser. mileageplus

Once the button is installed, you will notice a small grey shopping cart icon on the top right corner of your toolbar. You can click this icon to sign into your MileagePlus Shopping account, if you haven’t already. Once you’re signed in, you can begin saving. By clicking the button, you’ll see a drop down menu of over 900 stores that can now earn you up to 15 miles per dollar spent. You can either scroll through the options, or search a store on your own.mileageplus shopping button

Another great thing about the button is automatic coupon savings. It will automatically apply the best coupons to your order upon checkout. It will also do comparison shopping for you, notifying you if an item is available for the same price or lower, at another store that offers miles.

To view your shopping progress, head to your MileagePlus Shopping profile. There, you can view your recent activity, preferences, and even turn on alerts from your favorite stores. You’ll see a section for a “mystery bonus”, in which you can spend a specified amount of dollars and earn a corresponding reward in miles. These offers expire, so you need to act fact in order to secure those bonus miles.

mileageplus shopping button

Did we mention the MileagePlus Shopping button does all the work for you? Visit your favorite online stores as you normally would, and the button will notify you if you’re able to earn miles. It will pop up to tell you how many miles per dollar you are eligible to earn at this store. For example, I visited Dylan’s Candy Bar’s online shop, and I was prompted with this information from the button in the top right corner of my browser. mileageplus shopping button

The button makes online shopping and earning miles easy. With all the shopping we’re doing from home now, we don’t want to miss out on those valuable miles toward future vacations. Visit United’s MileagePlus Shopping website now to install your very own button.


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