Earn And Keep Miles With The Free Spirit Dining Program

The Free Spirit loyalty program is a great way to earn those valuable miles on your Spirit flights. One issue members commonly run into is the pesky three month expiration period. Spirit actually offers a dining rewards program which can earn you miles while you aren’t traveling, and keep those unused points from expiring.

Earning miles with dining is pretty effortless. Many other airlines offer similar programs, where additional miles can be earned simply by linking your credit card and spending it on food. These programs are especially popular now, since COVID-19 severely impacted our habits to earn miles by flying.

Now more than ever, supporting the restaurant business is crucial, even if you’re just getting take out. The Free Spirit Dining program is a great way to support local businesses and benefit from the miles—at no unnecessary costs!

In total, the program encompasses over 10,000 participating restaurants, bars, and clubs. Members can earn up to 5x bonus miles, in addition to any rewards that are normally earned with the credit card. If the restaurant has their own rewards program, that’s another bonus you can take advantage of. Enrollment to the program is free, so even if you decide not to commit, you don’t have anything to lose (besides any miles earned—after 36 months).

If you’re a Free Spirit member, you can join Free Spirit Dining for free on their website. From there, you will have to link at least one credit card to your account, but you can link multiple if you’d like. As long as the card is linked and used at the participating restaurants, earnings are automatic. Plus, you can link the same card to more than one dining program. For example, using the same credit card on a single dining purchase, you could earn miles with Free Spirit Dining and MileagePlus Dining.

Miles earned are dependent upon your final transaction total. Regular members earn 1 mile per $2 spent if you elect not to receive email communication from Free Spirit Dining. If you choose to receive email communications, you can earn 1 mile per dollar spent. So, opting for the emails will boost your earning rate by 6x. VIP status can be earned by reaching your 12th qualified transaction. Then, you can earn 5 miles per dollar as long as you’ve elected to receive the emails.

If you’re already dining out even every so often, Free Spirit Dining is a great way to keep any Spirit miles you’ve already earned, as well as earn even more. A list of participating restaurants can be found by searching on the website. Earning miles with this method is practically effortless. More details about Free Spirit Dining can be found on their website.

Written by Ashley Ferraro

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