Delta Announces New Partnership With Ticketmaster

Delta introduced a new way for travelers to earn frequent flyer miles by announcing a partnership with Ticketmaster in June.

Through the partnership, SkyMiles members can now earn one mile for every $1 spent (or Canadian equivalent) on tickets to sporting events, concerts, and more within the United States and Canada. As a limited-time-offer, customers will earn three miles for every $1 spent until August 31. Mileage credits exclude the cost of taxes, service, parking, insurance, or other possible fees associated with the event.

In an email, Delta Airlines described their Ticketmaster partnership as “live moments [meaning] more miles.” So, not only can customers have fun while attending these events, but they will earn miles while doing so.

To earn miles on Ticketmaster purchases, there are four steps to follow:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your SkyMiles Number.
  3. Follow the link and proceed with your purchase.
  4. Get rewarded—Your miles will be credited after ticket purchases.

In terms of Delta’s partnerships, Ticketmaster is not the only partner Delta has made recently.

Delta partnered with Lyft and Airbnb to offer SkyMiles members additional ways to earn miles. Now, SkyMiles members will earn a mile for every dollar spent with Lyft on regular rides, and two miles for every dollar spent with Lyft on rides to or from an airport.

SkyMiles members who book an Airbnb will earn a mile for every dollar spent with Airbnb through the Delta partnership. 

By offering customers the chance to earn miles on services they use every day—such as Lyft or Airbnb for the frequent traveler—Delta is listening to its audience and catering to it.

Regardless of what it means to Delta, these partnerships with Ticketmaster are new ways to have fun, live in the moment, and earn while doing it.

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