AAdvantage Extends Award Mile Expiration Until 2021

Written by Ashley Ferraro

Like many other carriers, American Airlines is attempting to stay afloat while continuing to cater to their customer base. Recognizing the difficult situation COVID-19 has placed travelers in, this new change reflects their dedication to the customer. Members of the AAdvantage program are being given further flexibility with their award miles due to expire. Now, a temporary hold will be put on the expiration of award eligible miles through the end of the year.

Those miles will instead expire on January 1st, 2021. However, this is just the latest update from the Forth Worth-based airline. As the travel industry has learned over the past few months, rewards programs have grown more and more lenient with extending expiration dates and elite statuses.

If you believe you have AAdvantage miles that have already expired, you may want to review your account. The airline sent out an email promising that any miles expired since July 1st, 2020 have been reactivated. Typically, members are required to earn or redeem miles with American or with an AAdvantage parter at least once every 18 months to keep them from expiring.

Although this is great news, the airline wants to remind customers that there are numerous opportunities to earn miles without traveling. One great way to earn miles without hardly putting in the effort (or cost) is by utilizing AAdvantage Dining. This program requires you to link your debit/credit card and do the spending on dining as you normally would. Although you have to spend at select restaurants, there are thousands to choose from. It’s a great way to support your local businesses and earn and keep your valuable miles (for another 18 months). American Airlines also offers AAdvantage Shopping, as well as various AAdvantage credit cards.

Written by Ashley Ferraro

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