7 Tips To Make Holiday Flying Less Stressful

This post contains affiliate links, meaning we may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. All opinions on products and services are our own.  |  Written by Ashley Ferraro

It’s no secret that holiday flying can be stressful. However, there are ways to keep your end-of-the-year adventures under control. With some of our helpful hints and tips, you can even stay ahead of the game! The key to making travel a breeze is to be prepared in every aspect. You might not even think of the little things like stashing a hand sanitizer in your bag until it’s too late. Don’t get left behind, it’s easy to navigate holiday flights with just a little preparation.

1. Sign Up For TSA PreCheck And CLEAR

No, you don’t always have to suffer through long airport security lines. With programs like TSA PreCheck and CLEAR available, you can breeze through security. TSA PreCheck allows you to enter through a separate security screening line, where you won’t have to remove your shoes, liquids, electronics and more. Some credit cards will even give you a statement credit for applying to TSA PreCheck and Global Entry, which is the international version of the program.

CLEAR focuses on the identity verification portion of the screening, allowing you bypass the normal line and be verified at a kiosk. Have your family signed up for either one or both programs ahead of time, trust us it’s worth it. With CLEAR, you can easily sign up online and finish the enrollment upon your arrival at the airport. View our detailed overview of the CLEAR program and find out if your airport offers the service. Now would also be a great time to take advantage of their free 2 month trial by signing up here, or using “POINTSTER2” to activate the trial. The trial will last you through your holiday traveling and then some. You can also utilize our discount of just $149 per year as opposed to the normal $179 rate. Sign up here or use “POINTSTER149” to activate the sale.

2. Avoid Germs And Keep Your Immune System Sharp

One of the easiest places to get sick is on an airplane. A small, enclosed space such as an airplane that sees hundreds of people per day is the perfect environment for illness to spread. You definitely do not want to risk getting sick on your way to your big vacation. Be extra cautious to keep your hands and devices clean while flying, especially around the holidays when flu season is in full effect. Carry a hand sanitizing gel that can easily clip onto your bag, like these ones.

Not to mention, it doesn’t hurt to build up your immune system by taking vitamins before and during your trip. These Elderberry Gummies for kids and adults should do the trick in protecting you from colds and allergies. Emergen-C Vitamin C is also important to incorporate into your regimen if you don’t want to get sick.

3. Don’t Wrap Gifts Ahead Of Time

Yes, you know of course that your presents aren’t harmless. However, TSA’s job is to inspect your luggage by whatever means necessary. That means they have the right to unwrap your gifts to determine that your baggage doesn’t violate any rules. Whether you’re packing your gifts in a checked or carry-on bag (we’d suggest carrying on the important stuff), they are subject to a thorough search. When it comes to holiday traveling, don’t waste your precious time wrapping beforehand. We would advise you to bring the wrapping materials with you and do all the gifts when you arrive at your destination.

4. Get An Ebook Reader

Honestly, I’d recommend anyone to get an ebook reader any day. I take my Kindle everywhere I go, but I’m most grateful to have it when I’m traveling. There’s only so much scrolling through Instagram you can do before your patience runs out. Holiday travelers are all too familiar with delays, especially if you’re flying up north. Unfortunately, you can be stuck in airports for much longer than you’ve anticipated. Having a device like a Kindle will keep you occupied and entertained for hours. Grab your Kindle for just $69.99 from Amazon, or your Kindle Paperwhite for just $99.99.

5. Be As Comfortable As Possible

This sounds like a given, but there are steps you can take ahead of time to make it happen. Going off our previous point, holiday flying means delays are inevitable. Tune out the world with some earplugs, we’d recommend these ones. They’ll help cancel noise so you can sleep peacefully on the plane or wherever you might be stuck waiting for your connecting plane to arrive. Speaking of comfort, INVEST IN A GOOD NECK PILLOW!! You will thank yourself for ordering a decent one online before you’re stuck choosing a below-average one at the terminal. We love the Coisum travel pillow that’s available from Amazon for $26.98, or the Qualid pillow that comes with a hoodie attached for $25.99.

6. Have Your Music And Movies Downloaded Ahead Of Time

There’s no doubt that listening to music can ease your nerves. And if you’re participating in the stress that is holiday flying, your nerves could use it. Make sure you have your favorite music downloaded so you can listen to it while you’re in the air. If you’re more of a movie person, the same thing goes for downloading movies and TV shows ahead of time. Do it at home before you leave! You never know how fast (or slow) the WiFi in the airport will be. If you forget your headphones, most airlines offer a complimentary pair upon request.

7. Invest In A Portable Charger

If holiday travel is causing you to deal with delays, your electronics will have to face the same consequences. Rather than scrambling to find a wall outlet or sitting uncomfortable close to strangers just to get some juice in your phone, invest in a portable charger. Plus, you can use it the plane when there’s no outlets at your seat. This portable charger for $34.99 from Amazon is my favorite. It displays an LCD screen to indicate how much battery it has left, but with over 10 hours worth of charge you won’t have to worry too much. Plus, it can charge up to three devices at once so your whole family can plug in. Check out this portable charger with comparable features but for a more affordable price of $16.99.

This post contains affiliate links, meaning we may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. All opinions on products and services are our own.  |  Written by Ashley Ferraro

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