13 Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts From Amazon

Each year, it feels like the time between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day shrinks. Before you know it, Father’s Day is next week and you don’t even have a clue what to get. If there’s one thing you do know, it’s that dad always deserves the best. Don’t worry, we’ve organized all of the best gift ideas on Amazon for Father’s Day this year. Whether your dad loves cooking, the outdoors, or the latest technology, there’s something here he’ll absolutely cherish. Plus, there’s no such thing as too late when it comes to Amazon Prime.

1. Mike’s Hot Honey

mike's hot honey

Buy it on Amazon for $8.99

For some reasons, our dads are immune to anything hot and spicy. This chili-infused honey brings the perfect amount of heat and sweetness to the table. It goes great with pizza, ice cream, peanut butter, french toast—you name it.

2. Fish Flip Flops

fish sandals

Buy it on Amazon for $24.99

Let’s be real, a Father’s Day gift can’t be too serious. These flip flops will bring some humor to your fisherman father on his holiday.

3. LifeStraw


Buy it on Amazon for $17.49

If your dad isn’t the outdoorsy type, keep reading. The LifeStraw is a personal water filter that is perfect for the dad who loves to hike and explore nature. All you do is sip through the straw, and it delivers fresh, filtered water to your mouth.

4. Amazon Echo Dot

amazon echo dot

Buy it on Amazon for $29.99

It’s about time your dad gets a smart speaker. With the Echo Dot, Alexa will become his new personal assistant. He can do everything from play music, check the weather, or read the news simply by saying a command.

5. Yeti Rambler Mug

yeti rambler mug

Buy it on Amazon for $24.99

This Father’s Day, give dad the gift of reassurance of never having to sip cold coffee again. This stainless steel, vacuum insulated mug will retain its temperature until the last drop.

6. Wireless Headphones

wireless headphones

Buy it on Amazon for $38.99

These noise cancelling, bluetooth enabled headphones are perfect for when dad just wants to turn off the world. Whether it’s his favorite music or podcast, he’ll be able to enjoy it totally uninterrupted.

7. Whiskey Glass & Ball Mold

whiskey glass ball mold

Buy it on Amazon for $17.95

This unique gift is for any father who loves to sip whiskey. The set comes with two old fashioned, high quality glasses as well as two ball molds.

8. Squatty Potty

squatty potty

Buy it on Amazon for $24.99

The Squatty Potty has gained so much traction recently because it’s made a difference for so many people. The idea is that it allows your body to mimic a squatting position, making it easier and faster to poop. It’s not your average Father’s Day gift but it’s definitely a good one.

9. Lightsaber Chopsticks

lightsaber chopsticks

Buy it on Amazon for $12.97

This fun Father’s Day gift will have both you and dad reminiscing on the good old days. Plus, who doesn’t want to eat their sushi with a lightsaber?

10. Hot Sauce Making Kit

hot sauce kit

Buy it on Amazon for $54.95

This gift is for all dads who can’t seem to stay out of the kitchen. Finally, your dad can fully customize up to 7 different hot sauces to his liking!

11. Tortilla Blanket

tortilla blanket

Buy it on Amazon for $22.99

Allow your dad to live out his dreams of becoming a burrito with this silly but cozy tortilla blanket.

12. Smart Reusable Notebook

smart notebook

Buy it on Amazon for $19.98

This one is for the hardworking dads who could use the help of convenience. Notes taken on this device can be instantly uploaded to Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, Slack, iCloud, email, and much more.

13. 4-Slice Belgian Waffle Maker

belgian waffle maker

Buy it on Amazon for $39.99

Starting this Father’s Day, no more boring breakfasts. With this easy-to-use Belgian waffle maker, your dad can whip up a delicious breakfast… and you’ll get to enjoy it too!

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